Short Term Financing

short term financing

We have discovered a new lender for providing Short Term Financing called Short Term Finance (funny enough!)

Short Term Financing With Bad Credit

The advantage with this company is that you can apply and get approved, even if you have bad credit. Their lending model is based on the door to door cash lending service, so you need to be living in an area that they cover too.

They will look at affordability rather than credit checks, so this means that they just want to make sure you can afford to pay the loan back again, but they are not particularily bothered about something that went finacially wrong with you 5 years ago!

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Short Term Finance Lending Criteria

I suppose you could say that the clues in the name, as they provide short term loans to the subprime market, through their home collected credit licence. They offer first-time loans of up to £500, but the average loan amount is around £200.

Although we are just bringing this company to you now, they have actually been trading for over 15 years and have a large field force of agents that interact with the customers, dealing with issues, taking payments and issuing loans. 

short term financing

Types Of Short-Term Financing

They are fully self-funding with no facilities from banks. This puts them in an ideal position to grow even further into the marketplace.

They are fully compliant with FCA rules and guidance in every part of their business.

They can provide loans within hours of the applications being made (subject to status and affordability).

They use a fully hosted system which makes it easy for them to change, adapt and develop. As well as making it easy to track loans through the application stage to the final payout.

Customers have use of an online portal to view everything regarding their account. If you want more details or need to apply today, just click on the banner above.

What Is Short-Term Financing?

Short-Term Financing is when the credit you have borrowed is repaid back over a short period of a few months and certainly in less than 1 year.

What Is Short-Term Financing Used For?

Normally it is fast cash loans used for emergency situations, like when something important breaks down and needs repaired or replaced. Payday type loans can be used in these circumstances.

Loan Warning

Please make sure you can afford to repay any new loan that you are applying for. If you already have outstanding loans and you want to take out a new loan to cover these existing loans DO NOT DO IT!

Have a look at this horrendous story covered by BBC Wales when an initial loan of £150 turned into £6,000 within months!

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