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TFS Loans Guarantor Loans

TFS Loans Guarantor Loans know exactly what it feels like to have been turned down by banks and finance companies who were previously tripping over themselves to lend you money. TFS Loans understand that whatever has happened in your past doesn’t mean that your future will be the same.

They believe not only in second chances, but they believe that by helping people now, they will be given something to build upon. Provided you can afford the monthly payments and have a guarantor you can apply for a guarantor loan with TFS Loans Guarantor Loans.

Representative Example: The representative APR is 44.9% APR (fixed) so if you borrow £8,000 over 4 years at a rate of 44.9% p.a. (fixed) you will repay £307.33 per month & £14,751.84 in total.

Why Juggle With Your Finances?

Like many of their customers, you may be using ‘payday’ loans regularly to try and balance your household finances. By taking a term loan with TFS Loans, you could have a lower monthly payment over a 2 to 6 year term.

Many of TFS Guarantor Loans customers borrow from them to pay off other more expensive loans or credit cards and like the idea of only having to pay one lender each month.

TFS Loans Guarantor Loans can also be used for any purpose, e.g, home improvements or buying a newer car. The money can be used for almost anything – it’s your choice.

TFS Loans Guarantor Loans FAQ’s

Loans can be a confusing business so we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions received regarding guarantor loans.

Is Bad Credit a problem?

NO – It does not matter if you have had CCJ’s, defaults or missed payments, providing you can demonstrate you can afford the repayments and have a suitable guarantor

Can I clear my payday loans and other debts?

YES – A lot of customers have many other loans they are struggling to keep up with.

A guarantor loan can be taken over a longer term to reduce your monthly outgoings.

What is a guarantor loan?

A guarantor loan is an unsecured loan which requires a second person to act as a guarantor.

The guarantor agrees that they will repay the monthly installments should you miss any payments for any reason.

How quick and easy is it?

Once you have applied TFS Loans Guarantor Loans aim to transfer the funds within 24 hours, as long as your guarantor details have been provided at the time of your application.

Can anyone be my guarantor?

YES – A guarantor can be anyone who trusts you to repay the loan.

Guarantors are usually friends, parents and other family members, but there are plenty of other people who you can ask like Work Colleagues, Neighbours or even your Landlord.

They must be:

* A UK Homeowner

* Aged between 18 to 75

* In receipt of a regular income

Should you be unsure if your guarantor will be accepted or not then please take the time to apply anyway as TFS Loans will always try our best to accept an application.

Do I have to pay any fees upfront?

NO – At TFS Loans Guarantor Loans we do not believe in charging any upfront fees to our customers, so if you change your mind you are free to cancel the application without it costing you a penny.

Will my payments increase during the loan?

NO – Your monthly payments will never increase, unless you choose the option to pay extra.

Even if interest rates change around the globe your loan will not be affected.

Will this loan help my credit rating in the future?

Your loan conduct is reported to credit reference agencies, so providing your monthly payments are made on time each month your credit rating should improve and this could lead to you being accepted for loans in the future without the need for a guarantor.

What can I use the money for?

Your loan can be used for any legal purpose.

Most loans are used to clear debts, consolidate other loans or credit cards, home improvements and purchase new cars.

The choice is completely yours!

Can I pay the loan off early?

YES – You can settle the loan at any point during the term at no extra costs.

Do I need an income?

YES – You will need to have a regular income each month, but this can come from any source. TFS Loans Guarantor Loans can accept both employed and self employed applicants and can also include additional income from benefits or pension as well. This is a direct link to TFS.

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