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The popularity of UK Credit Limited Guarantor Loans means they have grown steadily over the last few years.

In 2012 UK Credit Limited Guarantor Loans moved offices to a new Norwich base in order to accommodate their growing team.

UK Credit Limited Guarantor Loans are a direct lender and not a broker

They are able to make quick decisions and communicate efficiently with borrowers.

Representative Example: The Representative APR is 42.9% APR (fixed) so if you borrow £4,000 over 4 years at a rate of 36.24% p.a (fixed) you will pay £158.90 per month & £7,627.20 in total.

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In their first three years, they have helped thousands of customers borrow millions of pounds. The vast majority have now paid back their loans and improved their credit rating. UK Credit Limited Guarantor Loans make sure the loan product is right for your circumstances and that the repayments are affordable.

When looking for a loan with UK Credit Limited you will find no hidden fees or charges or unreasonable small print. All their forms, paperwork and websites are clear and easily understood to assist you in getting you the loan you want.

UK Credit Limited guarantor loans are available for any and sundry who don’t have a good enough credit history and thus gets turned down by banks and other financial institutions. Building societies and credit unions that usually entertain applications of people with bad credit don’t always have the financial prowess to meet the loan amount requirements.

It is futile to apply for a loan amount worth two thousand when you know that a credit union or building society can only offer you five hundred. Also, other unsecured loans for bad credit applicants have their challenges, which is why guarantor loans are so helpful.

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UK Credit Limited guarantor loans are not very different from the typical guarantor loan you would come across. You can apply for a loan despite having a poor credit score as long as you have a relative or a friend who can act as the guarantor.

You cannot use someone who you have no relationship with because that wouldn’t be of much significance. Friends and relatives are the best choice.

You could get a colleague or your boss or someone you are associated with but do not share any financial co-dependants to become your guarantor. You cannot make your parents, spouse or kids your guarantor because they would likely be financially depended on you or you may have joint assets with them.

Financial co-dependence is a key factor when you apply for UK Credit Limited guarantor loans so you should have an appropriate guarantor. This is not unique with the lender. It is a norm.

Other rules apply universally such as the guarantor needs to be a resident, must have a bank account and should be twenty one years old, at least. The financial profile of the guarantor would be of quintessential significance so you need someone who has a steady impressive income.

UK Credit Limited guarantor loans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Information Commissioner’s Office. That ensures your data is treated safely and there is no compromise whatsoever. UK Credit Limited loans are available for homeowners and tenants.

It doesn’t matter if the borrower or the applicant is renting but it helps if the guarantor is presently a homeowner. Owning a home is an indicator of financial stability and a guarantor’s information or whereabouts are also easily vetted. That would always help a borrower to become more eligible for UK Credit Limited guarantor loans.

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