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For Instant Long Term Loans, read on further and find out how to get started.

There is currently a move away from the short term small fast cash loans like Payday Loans that have to be repaid in full on your next pay day.

It is no wonder, as a lot of payday loan companies in the past charged high fees and interest on top of interest and if a borrower did not cleaning his or her nose properly!

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That might be an exaggeration, but they certainly were very unscrupulous in their dealings with borrowers and if a repayment was late by even 1 day, they piled on the fees and charges to a ridiculous level.

Thankfully the new Financial Conduct Authority rules have stopped this shark-like practice.

If you choose a payday loan lender that is registered and approved, like the ones we promote, you are covered by the new policies which restrict the high interest and fees the lenders can now charge.

Need Long Term Loans Direct Lenders Now?

The shift is towards Long Term Loans and these can also be for small amounts or larger amounts as well.

This makes it more affordable to manage the ongoing monthly repayments.

The Payday Loans were popular because they were fast and you got your money quickly into your own bank account the same day and sometimes within minutes.

However, you are now still able to get the same values as Payday Loans which is normally up to 1,000 pounds, but you are able to spread the repayment period over a longer term.

Generally, payday loan lenders can lend up to £2,000.

Larger Loan Amounts and Longer Time

We advertise lenders for loans for the longer term that will lend up to £25,000 and have the cash into your bank account within 48 hours, but you can repay over months or even years.

This is a much more affordable way of getting a loan and there are not the penalties and extra fees charged as you do not have to roll the loan over.

No roll over on these types of loans is a big benefit, as when you take the loan out initially, you decide how long to repay it back over, so you know you can afford the payments each month.

The interest rates used are fixed rates, so your monthly repayments will stay exactly the same throughout the repayment period.

Long Term Loans with bad credit are a win win for new loans

Do not worry if you have some adverse credit in your credit history either, as we have UK approved and registered lenders that are keen to lend, providing you can meet their terms and conditions.

Lenders look for a regular income each week, each 2 weeks or each month and if you are currently employed, what could be more regular than a wage coming in.

They will also look at the self-employed and people on benefits, providing they can see regular payments coming in each month.

Have a look at the products that are available and get your loan application for a new extended repayment period loan started today.

Tips To Help You Find Long Term Loans. Long term loans are defined as those that have a substantial period for repayment.

The definition may vary in some cases but it is broadly agreed that a three-year repayment term is considered long term.

Find long term loans direct lenders today

Click on the links on this page or the links in the top menu for more details of the lenders we use.

Loans that have six months or even eighteen months as the repayment term are not usually considered long term loans.

Any loan that requires onetime repayment, also known as single repayment loans, is certainly not long term loans.

There are two advantages of long term loans.

One, you have a substantial period of time to repay the loan.

Two, the rate of interest is much lower than short term loans.

However, you need to have a certain financial profile to successfully find long term loans.

People with bad credit or ineligible financial profiles will not be able to find long term loans easily.

Here are some avenues at your disposal which you can try, regardless of your credit score and financial profile.

You can always look for a secured loan. A secured loan typically has a long repayment term and the rate of interest is usually reasonable.

Secured loans require you to have a guarantor or collateral.

Long term any purpose loans

You may use your home or car or any asset that you have if you fail to keep up the payments.

The asset must be tangible and should have adequate financial value.

It doesn’t have to be worth more than the loan but worthy enough for the lender to consider it as security.

In secured loans, what matters most is the asset and then the monthly income.

The credit doesn’t really matter as much. It will matter if your loan amount is huge. For small yet long term loans, this is a good enough option. You can try peer to peer lending networks.

There are many such networks that offer loans with a long repayment period.

You can easily get a repayment period of three years to five years and often more if the loan amount is high.

Some peer to peer lending networks will need you to have a good credit history, others don’t.

You can find long term loans from such networks depending on your credit history and the loan amount.

Networks that accept applications without any credit check will advertise it so you need not ransack the virtual world.

But, loans for bad credit applicants may incur a surcharge on the rate of interest.

If you own a home, then you can always opt for a line of credit against its equity.

Also known as a home equity loan, this is a pretty workable solution for homeowners when one needs to find long term loans.

There are private lenders that offer three years to five years as the repayment period.

But they are few and far between.

You need to run a few online searches, ask around or you can use an online loan comparison website to get the details of the relevant companies.

You should try to find long term loans no matter what the need or purpose is because they will be much easier to handle and repay.

Instant Long Term Loans decisions can be obtained by applying for any of our products on-line today.

Getting Instant Long Term Loans No Credit Check Decisions Today

Simply click on the offer that you think suits your credit needs best and this will open up a page with more loan details on it plus an application form if you wish to apply today.

Once you have filled in all of the information requested on the instant long term loans application form, you just click on the Submit button and this sends your details off to the lender concerned.

Long term loans lenders

We only advertise Lenders and Brokers that are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be sure that you are going to be treated fairly throughout the instant long term loan application process.

Examples of the typical representative APR’s are shown for each loan company above, but you will only get a true and accurate interest rate for your own individual instant long term loans once you have submitted all of your details on-line.

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The lenders and brokers we advertise will allow you to have some bad credit history in your credit profile and they will seek to facilitate you in getting your new instant long term loan, within their own terms & conditions.

Instant long term loans can be a great alternative than applying for a payday loan.

Typically, a long term loan can take longer to arrange and to release the money.

However, with this type of loan it is worth waiting for as you can save money on the cost of your loan in the long term as the interest rates are a lot lower than that of a payday loan.

Due to this you can find this option a lot cheaper, as well as having the flexibility of paying the money back over months or even years.

With advantages like this, it is worth applying for instant long-term loans that can be accessed through our website to see how much money you could, in fact, save and enjoy the flexibility of having longer to pay your loan back.

Large long term loans

If you are looking to borrow a large amount of money, then a payday loan is not a suitable option.

Quick long term loans, however, are designed for those that may need to borrow a substantial amount of money.

With borrowing such a high value, having the flexibility of being able to pay the loan back over a longer period of time helps the monthly repayments become more affordable and manageable.

The application process for instant long term loans is very quick and simple.

Applicants are required to complete a simple application form online, requesting basic information on the client.

Then when submitted you should have confirmation of whether you have been accepted or not and what action to take next based on the information received.

If you are declined unfortunately at this stage the lender can go no further with your application.

If you are referred, however, you may be required to send through extra information or documents as confirmation.

If, however, you are accepted you will receive details of the loan, such as interest rates, fees included, the length of the loan and specific figures of your monthly repayments.

At this stage it is important you revise this information and before proceeding you should ensure you are completely confident you are able to repay the loan for the full term.

Once you are satisfied you can accept the loan and proceed online.

The loan company will then forward by email all your loan details so that you have them to refer back to if you need them.

At no point are you under any obligation to complete your application for instant long term loans and the lender is always happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have at any time.

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