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Need Loan Direct Lender Bad Credit?

Need Loan Direct Lender Bad Credit available today here.

If you click on any of the banners on this page, they will take you to loan companies or brokers who deal with a number of lenders directly.

Do You Need Loan Direct Lender Bad Credit Now?

You will have a higher chance of getting a loan going through a broker than direct through one lender, as brokers deal with a number of different loan companies at once.

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If you really want to deal directly with one Direct Lender, then we would recommend Guarantor Loans Direct Lenders.

Guarantor Loans Direct Lenders

Guarantor unsecured personal loans with direct lenders have become very popular recently. They will allow you to have a bad credit history, providing your guarantor has a good credit score. Some direct lenders have a unique rate dropper product where the interest rate reduces every year, so it is really quite competitive and full details are shown on their page.

It means that it doesn’t really matter how bad your credit history is, as the loan is based on the credit history and standing of your guarantor.

Your preferred guarantor does not now have to be a home owner either, so you can use friends and family as your guarantor too, which is great. You will get an exact quotation from guarantor loan’s lenders when you apply on line.

Direct Loan Lender’s Advantages

Do you need a loan? Would you rather borrow direct than going through a broker? Do you also have bad credit and finding it difficult to be accepted? That explains why you are searching for, ‘need a loan with a direct lender bad credit’.

When going direct to the lender you are receiving your loan directly from them and not going through another lender or a broker, basically cutting out the middle man. So if you need to borrow money, want to go straight to the lender and also have bad credit, then it explains why you are searching for, ‘need a loan direct lender bad credit’. All applications for loans direct with lenders are through their own website and is usually a quick and simple form to complete.

By applying for loans direct with the lender it can make the application process a lot quicker as it can be approved faster. When you search for, ‘need a loan direct lender bad credit’, you are brought to the lender direct and not directed through a broker.

The direct lender is the one that is providing you with the funds, so your details are solely with them. Unlike loan applications where you fill your information on the broker’s page, who then sends your details on to other lenders, by going direct to the lender you are cutting out the middle man. So by going direct you may save yourself broker fees. The application process usually only takes a few minutes to complete. Then the lender will carry out an affordability and credit check based on the details you have supplied.

When this is reviewed a decision will be sent to you on whether you have been accepted or not. If your application is accepted the lender will get in touch to confirm all details are correct before releasing the funds. It is as quick and simple as that.

The advantages of applying directly with the lender are that you will not have to pay an upfront fee for applying for a loan. The process can also be quicker than going through a broker. The direct lender will also not share your details with any third party lenders so your information is secure and safe.

There are advantages however with going through a broker as they have access to an excellent source of lenders and if you have a situation where you are on benefits, on a low income or have bad credit they can help you find lenders that are specific to helping applicants with these requirements.

The advantage of this is you have a higher chance of being accepted as the broker will know what lenders acceptance criteria is and who to go to get the applicant accepted. So when you search for, ‘need loan direct lender bad credit’ you need to decide if that does, in fact, suit your circumstances and whether going through a broker may be a better option to try and have a higher chance of being accepted for the money you need.

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