Poor Credit is a label that can be applied to individuals or businesses based on their past financial behaviour and current financial standing. It often means that you may have a hard time qualifying for credit cards, mortgages and loans, and can also mean paying higher interest rates. But the good news is that there are ways to repair your credit, and it can be done relatively quickly with some effort on your part.

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Poor Credit

Having poor credit does not mean that you will not get a new loan or any kind of credit ever again. The actual credit score that is determined as poor varies according to the credit agency that is used. Equifax gives a poor credit score of 370 or less, whereas Experian uses 565 or less. […]

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Secured Loans Poor Credit

Secured Loans Poor Credit scores – even people with relatively good credit can get turned down by banks and financial institutions. This applies to secured and unsecured loans. There are many grounds on which a lender can turn down your application. It is possible that you don’t meet the credit requirement. The security or collateral you offer may

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Poor Credit Car Loans Available

Find Poor Credit Car Loans – are you trying to find car finance for your next car, but your credit score keeps working against you, and no one seems to be giving you a chance? Does this situation sound familiar? Well, we are here to say don’t be disheartened, you just haven’t found the right lender that

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Car Finance For Poor Credit Rating

Car Finance For Poor Credit Rating – are you wondering if you can afford that amazing car that you have seen? Is it a realistic option or just a car fantasy? The best way to work out whether you can afford the car of your dreams is to use a car loan interest rate calculator

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Poor Credit Car Finance

If you are looking to purchase a car but your credit rating is not great, we can help direct you to reliable lenders that provide Poor Credit Car Finance Near Me. Poor Credit Car Finance Dealers Lenders that offer Poor Credit Car Financing can provide either secured or unsecured car loans. If you have bad

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Loans For Poor Credit Rating

Are you searching the internet for great loans for poor credit? The words “great” and “poor” do not often appear in the same sentences, but here they sit happily together, even though they seem like opposites in meaning. Great loans are normally for people with a good credit rating and loans for poor credit are

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Payday Loans For Poor Credit

How to Compare Payday Loans for Poor Credit – people with bad or poor credit cannot apply for loans to banks and traditional institutions. These so called high street type bank will only entertain people that have a high credit score and no adverse credit on their financial credit history. The private lenders like payday

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Installment Loans Poor Credit Score

Are you searching for Installment Loans Poor Credit Score? Due to the recent great recession which affected almost everyone, there are now many people with poor credit scores due to bad credit that really was not their fault. Looking for Installment Loans Poor Credit Score? With things like a drop in income, the crashing of

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Homeowner Loans Poor Credit

Get Homeowner Loans Poor Credit here today – People with poor credit struggle to find a secured or unsecured loan and that is why we have introduced our homeowner loans for people with poor credit. This type of loan takes away all the barriers that have been put into place and helps people gain the finance

Loans People Poor Credit

Loans People Poor Credit

Loans People Poor Credit – previous or current financial problems don’t have to hold you back from getting the loan you want. Even if you’ve had CCJ’s, arrears, are self employed or have no credit history at all. Loans People Poor Credit Specialist Lenders Fortunately there are still a some lenders who specialise in offering

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Poor Credit Loans With Online Decisions

Have Poor Credit and can’t get a loan? Please read on a little further to find out about getting a new loan with quick online decisions. It will be difficult and maybe impossible for you to get a loan from the well known high street type UK Lenders or companies if you have even minor

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Personal Loans Poor Credit

Personal Loans Poor Credit – previous or current credit problems don’t have to hold you back from getting the personal loan you want. Even if you have had CCJ’s, arrears, are self employed or have no credit history, there are a few lenders who specialise in offering finance and fast personal loans when you have

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