Guarantor Non Homeowner Can I Still Get Loan?

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Many have asked if they can get a guarantor who is a non Homeowner, can you still get a guarantor loan or Guarantor Non Homeowner Can I Still Get Loan?

The answer is YES!

You can get a guarantor loan, even if your guarantor is a non homeowner.

The two main guarantor loan companies that will accept non homeowners are LendFair Loans and George Banco and you can use the links to apply to each of them if you wish to.

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Have Guarantor Non Homeowner Can I Still Get Loan?

They will both accept guarantors that are tenants, friends, work colleagues, employers and even family. Providing their credit is good and they have a suitable income, they should be accepted, even if they are a non home owner.

Amigo Loans were one of the first UK Lenders to go back to guarantor loans again, which is the way banks used to lend to people years ago.

They recon that if you have someone who trusts you to repay the loan satisfactorily, then they are happy too! The whole process an be done online, including your application and also the verification of your guarantor.

Find a Guarantor

So, your next problem is going to be to find a suitable guarantor. You have maybe tried to get a new personal loan in your own name, but perhaps you have been turned down so far.

Another option to try is a joint loan application for an unsecured loan, along with someone that will share the risk with you and that has a good credit score. This should increase your chances of getting a new loan approved online.

Failing this, you will just have to approach suitable people that you know to see if they will go guarantor for your new loan application instead.

Most loans are paid out within 24 hours and some are paid the same day into your bank account, if you have all the information at the application stage. Why not get a quote from today to see the exact costs involved and start the process off.

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