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Guarantor My Loan Guarantor Loans is a return to more straightforward times, before the advent of automated credit scoring, when lenders talked to you in person.

Guarantor My Loan will call you back on the telephone and discuss what you need and can afford and simply ask you to name someone – typically a friend, family member, colleague or employer – who is happy to act as your guarantor in case you run into difficulties.

This approach enables Guarantor My Loan to be more flexible and to see how they can help you; even if you have CCJs or a poor credit record.

How Guarantor My Loan Guarantor Loans Work

You tell Guarantor My Loan how much you want to borrow and for how long ONLINE. Guarantor My Loan tell you what the repayments will be ONLINE. You name your guarantor ONLINE.

Guarantor My Loan call you and your guarantor to ensure that you can both afford the repayments ON THE PHONE. The money is paid into your guarantor’s bank (in some cases on the same day) IN THE BANK.

If your first 12 repayments are completed in full and on time Guarantor My Loan Guarantor Loans give a whole month’s payment back as The Guarantor My Loan Reward.


Is It Right For You?

Guarantor My Loan could be just right for you if:

  • You have been turned down for credit or a loan
  • You have been turned down by a lender using automated credit scoring
  • You have a friend or family member who knows you can and will repay your loan

These days, many ordinary people find it difficult to obtain a loan for the things they need in life and those unexpected costs can hit all of us from time to time. Many are turned away by banks and other traditional lenders because their credit record is blemished, or non-existent.

The alternatives – payday loans and the like – come with very high interest rates, restrictions and charges.

Representative Example: The representative APR is 48.9% APR (variable) so if you borrow £3,000 over 3 years at a rate of 40.48% p.a. (variable) you will repay £145.17 per month & £5,226.12 in total.

Guarantor My Loan Reviews can be easily found on the internet to see how other people have found their services and it would be worth reading these before applying with them. Guarantor My Loan is a peer to peer lending network where you could get unsecured loans from an array of lenders despite bad credit.

Peer to peer lending networks are like a platform for various lenders or even ordinary people to lend their money and they obviously get to make money from the interests.

Guarantor My Loan is a platform that specialises in guarantor loans

There are various kinds of unsecured loans for people with bad credit. Some require you to make the entire repayment on your next payday, which is why they are called payday loans. Payday loans often have a repayment period longer than a month.

Payday loans can be repaid over a year or two and more if you opt for such a term. Title loans are not strictly unsecured loans but they can be a form of guarantor loans. A guarantor loan usually has a person as the surety provider and not a commodity or asset.

Yet, the guarantor can have an asset which increases the chances of getting the loan because of that security. Most lenders of guarantor loans actually ask for homeowners as guarantors because of the surety of the property. Guarantor My Loan is one of the finest lending networks you can sign up for.

The platform is very friendly. The process is simple and fair. There are flexible loans, various terms to choose from and you get to pay a fixed rate. The installments throughout the term will be unchanged.

You can borrow anywhere from a few hundred to five thousand pounds and repay it over a period of up to five years.

You would need a guarantor but the requisites for that are pretty common. You don’t need someone with an unparalleled financial profile or a staggering asset to qualify for the loan amounts offered by Guarantor My Loan Guarantor Loans.

Two noteworthy advantages of their loans is the flexibility to pay the entire loan and the interest anytime you want.

There is absolutely no charge or penalty for early payments. You may be surprised but most lenders will charge you for the processing of the loan and then repaying it before the term ends. Guarantor My Loan Guarantor Loans doesn’t charge either.

Considering the number of peers on the lending network, the range of loan amount, the annual percentage rate and other factors determining the eligibility, Guarantor My Loans Norwich is one of the finest options at your discretion in the UK. Direct link here.

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