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Is there such a thing as legal loan sharks online?


The best advice if you are thinking of dealing with a loan shark is ‘don’t do it’.

Find out about the subject of dealing with loan sharks online that are not legal.

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Loan Sharks are unlicensed money lenders who charge very high interest rates, extra charges and fees and sometimes use threats and violence to frighten people who can’t pay back their loan on time.

This includes loan shark loans online as well as offline.

So What is an Online Loan Shark?

A loan shark is anyone who is an unlicensed moneylender and can be an individual person or even a company set up for the purpose.

Licensed money lenders are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and must follow the Financial Conduct Authority’s codes of practice.

However, as loan sharks are not licensed, they actually operate outside of the law, so there is no such thing as legal loan sharks.

If you have borrowed from them or are thinking of borrowing from one it’s likely you will:

  • get a loan but on very bad terms
  • pay an extremely rate of interest
  • be harassed or worse if you get behind with your agreed weekly payments
  • be pressured into borrowing more from them in order to repay one debt with another

What do I do if I have borrowed from a loan shark?

If you have borrowed money from a loan shark you are actually under no legal obligation to repay the debt.

It sounds strange, but it is strictly legally true, although the loan shark might not see it that way!

If I were you, I do not think I would mention the subject either.

Contact your local Trading Standards Office right away and they will help you deal with your situation and the loan shark as well.

You will get free and helpful advice for your own circumstances.

Is it a crime not to repay a loan shark?

If a lender is not licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, then they have no legal right to recover the debt.

Loan sharks sometimes frighten people by saying they will be prosecuted and even sent to prison if they don’t pay up, but this cannot happen.

Not repaying a loan from an unlicensed lender, which a loan shark is, isn’t a criminal offence.

However, I would not to be telling the loan shark that they are not getting their money back; would you?!

It is really best that you do not go anywhere near these unauthorised and unregistered people or organisations to be honest.

There are other ways to borrow

If you need some money, always go to a licensed lender or use a licensed broker.

All of the alternative lending companies we advertise on this website are registered and approved, so you can apply knowing that you are covered by the regulations in force.

Why not try making a new application now to see the rate and terms you are able to get today.

All quotations are totally free and there is no obligation to accept any credit offer.

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